No Rust Bags
ProTecht No Rust Bags - Testing and Technical Specifications


Mild steel (1010) coupons were sealed in .004 and .006 gauge NoRust Ferrous TYPE MYF bags
and a  
.006 plain polyethylene bag. All bags were placed in a salty spray chamber (ASTM
B-117-73) at 100 degree (38C) 95% humidity, for 180 days.
Corrosion Test Results
No Rust Ferrous Bags
Plain Polyethylene Bags
.004 gauge - No corrosion
.006 guage - No corrosion
.006 gauge - Severe corrosion
Note: NoRust Ferrous films pass the test for the corrosion inhibiting ability of the vapors as
specified in the Federal Test Method Standard 101B, Method 4031, including the exhaustion test
Physical Properties
No Rust Ferrous 4 mil transparent yellow film
Tensile Strength:
1150-2400 psi
Seal Strength:
Impulse-5.2 lbs - Thermal- 5.0 lbs
Recommended Sealing
320-340 degree F dependent upon actual sealing equipment,
temperatures adjusted for dwell and pressure.
Yellow transparent
.004 (+ or - 10%)
Shelf life:
5 years at 85 degree F or less
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